bdesprez-chuyghe-mricharmolardOn Wednesday, September 26, 2012 Christian Huyghe, INRA Agriculture Deputy Scientific Director, Project Coordinator, officially launched the AKER programme at the headquarters of Florimond Desprez at Cappelle-en-Pévèle (Nord), in the presence of 140 people representing the whole of the French sugar beet sector. The previous day, 80 researchers involved in the project had met to agree on details in the scientific programme.

The guests appreciated both the quality of the presentation of the programme, reviewing the work already undertaken, and the size of the task of improving the competitiveness of sugar beet in 2020. They also attended workshop demonstrations illustrating aspects of current research.

Welcoming the participants, François Desprez, Chairman of Florimond Desprez, drew their attention to the importance of the AKER program for the French sugar beet sector, in the context of the Common Agricultural Policy and the world sugar market.